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Viva Insights (Formerly Microsoft Analytics) Can Help Your Business Thrive in the Hybrid Work Era

Microsoft Viva Topics Consultant

Viva Insights (Formerly Microsoft Analytics) Can Help Your Business Thrive in the Hybrid Work Era

Microsoft Analytics has been around for many years, helping both managers and employees learn more about how they are spending their time. Recently, the tech giant changed the name of the product to Viva Insights.

In this post, we explore how this Microsoft offering can help your business thrive as we enter the hybrid working era. We discuss some of the pandemic-related working arrangement problems that it solves and how it is enabling businesses to thrive in this new environment.

How Viva Insights Works

Viva Insights offers two broad categories of services:

  1. Insights that employees can use personally to let them know how they are progressing with their workflows
  2. Manager insights that provide leaders with overviews of their teams.

Personal-level employee insights create recommendations that allow employees to find more balance at work. The software produces a weekly digest, showing users how they spent their time with recommendations for how they can better use it in the future. It also collects feedback on how the worker is feeling, allowing them to correlate their emotions with work, conditions, and hours. Microsoft is even considering adding guided meditation options to help prepare workers’ minds in the morning for the challenges that lie ahead.

After collecting information, Viva Insights generates “actionable recommendations.” These are things that employees can do to improve both their work and wellbeing. Suggestions come from research for trusted sources on best practices.

Manager insights are for managers and leaders. The goal is to provide a dashboard of metrics that they can use to make better managerial and business decisions. The service collects information on things like employee engagement and organizational resilience and, again, provides actionable insights.

How Viva Insights Is Helping Businesses to Thrive In The Hybrid Working Era

Viva Insights is helping organizations adapt to the hybrid working era in multiple ways.

  • Oversight over issues that employees face: Viva Insights allows managers to collect data concerning the unique problems thrown up by hybrid working. It also gives managers better visibility of how employees are using their time.
  • Improved employee wellbeing: Recent surveys suggest that 90 percent of employees believe that home-working has had a negative impact on their performance, with 34 percent reporting feeling burned out. Viva Insights gives managers a better sense of employee wellbeing and actionable strategies they can use to improve it.
  • Enhance understanding of hybrid working productivity: As we enter the hybrid era and jobs become more knowledge-based, it is becoming increasingly difficult to quantify productivity. Viva Insights provides helpful metrics and suggestions that make measurement easier, both while workers are at home and in the office.
  • Improving the return-to-work: Viva Insights can provide employers with data that will assist them as people return to the office several days per week. Helpful information could include new employee expectations and tools to compare at-home and in-office productivity levels.
  • Better cultural cohesiveness: During the pandemic, companies became less cohesive because of physical separation. Viva Insights offers both data and guidance on how companies can improve relations, even when workers are not commuting to the office.

In summary, Viva Insights is a powerful tool for the new hybrid working environment. Being cloud-based, it is easy to deploy. Considering a move to Microsoft Viva? Contact 6th Street Consulting today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive in the hybrid work era.