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Power Automate FAQ

Microsoft Power Automate is a seamless tool for streamlining business processes. Using the cloud, Power Automate creates an organizational powerhouse, enabling simplicity for solutions among line-of-business users.

Power Automate was designed for two groups. 1) Line-of-business users, working together with IT with a goal of enabling businesses to be responsible for their business processes and solutions. 2) Those in IT who want to hand off solutions to line-of-business partners, freeing themselves up to work in other areas, including Logic Apps.

Logic Apps is essentially a more advanced version of Power Automate. It performs the same functions as Power Automate, giving line-of-business users streamlined processes. However, it goes beyond the capabilities of Power Automate, integrating with Visual Studio, PowerShell, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Portal, and more.

Power Automate is an essential piece of the Microsoft business puzzle. As a seamless business application platform, Power Automate brings together the best resources into one simple place. Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and Common Data Service are all part of the Power Automate platform. Through Power Automate, businesses are able to craft their own business solutions, streamlining their organization, processes, and analysis.

Power Automate is specially designed to provide ease for users. Anyone with an email address and an internet connection can use the platform. Appropriate Licensing, either free or paid for, is required.

There is nothing special needed to run Power Automate. It can be used on any contemporary browser or device.

Supported browsers should be recently updated and work well with your system. Common browsers for Power Automate are Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11. Contemporary devices work well for Power Automate. Mobile devices should use the Power Automate app, available for iPhone, Android, and Windows.

Practically all email addresses can be used for Power Automate. The only exceptions are those ending with .mil and .gov.

Power Automate utilizes the public cloud for its services, although the on-premises data gateway can be used for safe, private connections.

The Power Automate services are constantly evolving. Currently, the platform connects to over 100 services. These include Dynamics 365, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Twitter, Trello, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Facebook, MailChimp, Customer APIs, and more.

In Power Automate, popular scenarios have flows that have already been crafted. These are templates that can be used if you have the required services.

There are over 100 basic services provided by Microsoft and others, that you can connect to when using Power Automate. These services include OneDrive, Twitter, Office 364, Dropbox, and more.

REST APIs that support 1/10 authentication methods and use JSON are able to connect to Power Automate.

If you use the on-premises data gateway, you will be able to connect to your local network services.

Yes. There are ways to share flows that you create. Either add people that you want to share with as owners on the flow, which enables them to view and edit, or grant people permission to run the flow.

From Power Automate’s end, you can create as many flows as you want. However, this may be dependent on the type of license that you have.

You can start with a YouTube channel, a blog, or even a community.

iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone all offer and run the Power Automate app.

There are switches that you can use in order to turn on or off the flow’s requests.

There are 42 languages and 6 regions where Power Automate is available. You can check out the languages by signing into the “Power Platform Admin Center”, and navigating to environment, then settings, product, and finally languages.

Power Automate will be taking the place of SharePoint Designer 2013 moving forward, as the place to create and maintain workflows within SharePoint Online. Power Automates functionality extends beyond just interacting with SharePoint Online though, as it can connect to many different Microsoft 365 and non-Microsoft 365 Services.

There are security measures that prevent circumstances such as the unintentional release of corporate data. As a precautionary measure, a business’ Power Automate administrators can create and enforce data loss prevention policies.

Creating a service account for Power Automate Flows is a great idea as it will eliminate the need to transfer or recreate flows if they are tied to a specific individual’s account. These service accounts should be created and maintained by your IT group.

There is a free 90-day trial of Power Automate available. There is also a free option, which limits the capabilities for users.

There are free and paid options available for Power Automate.

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