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SharePoint Custom Org Charts

Enhancing SharePoint with Customizable Org Charts

In the dynamic world of digital workplaces, the ability to quickly understand and navigate organizational structures is more than a convenience—it’s a necessity. 6th Street Consulting, a leader in providing cutting-edge SharePoint solutions, is proud to introduce a service that transforms the way organizations visualize their team structures: the SharePoint custom org chart solution. This custom solution is designed to be seamlessly integrated into SharePoint modern pages, offering an enhanced, searchable, and navigable version of the traditional SharePoint org chart.

Default view, top-level user on top


Default view with peer (peers are displayed adjacent to the top-level user but have no direct reports)


Clicking on top-level user when current

After clicking on manager Ada Lovelace (direct report to Thomas Edison who has her own direct reports):

After clicking on Search for Employee:

After entering text (``a``) in search box, showing matching users

Searching for user by title (in this case, Thomas Edison has the title of ``CEO``)

Searching by title (``dire``) matches James Watt (``Director``)

After clicking on employee Nikola Tesla (direct report to Thomas Edison)

Custom SharePoint Org Charts for Companies

The traditional SharePoint org chart serves its purpose but often falls short when it comes to interactivity and depth of information. Recognizing this gap, 6th Street Consulting has developed a solution that not only displays organizational hierarchies but also enriches them with several layers of interactive and searchable features.

SharePoint Org Charts for Companies

Searchability at Your Fingertips

Imagine being able to locate any member of your organization within seconds, not just by their name or email, but by various properties such as title, office location, phone number, and more. This level of searchability ensures that you can connect with the right person without having to sift through endless directories.

Navigability Across the Organization

With the enhanced org chart, users can effortlessly navigate up and down the organizational hierarchy. Clicking on a manager or supervisor’s card reveals their direct reports, allowing for a top-down view of the organization. Similarly, clicking on a peer’s card provides a lateral view of the team structure, making it easier to understand how different parts of the organization fit together.

Detailed User Information

Every member of the organization is represented by a card that, when clicked, displays additional information about them. This feature not only personalizes the org chart but also makes it a rich resource for understanding the roles and responsibilities of colleagues, fostering a more connected and informed workplace culture.

Implementation: Streamlined and Efficient

One of the most compelling aspects of this solution is its ease of integration. Organizations can quickly enhance their SharePoint sites without significant downtime or disruption. This efficiency in implementation is a testament to 6th Street Consulting’s expertise in SharePoint solutions and their commitment to providing services that are both high in quality and practical in deployment.

SharePoint Consultant

The Bottom Line

A SharePoint Org Chat solution by 6th Street Consulting is not just an organizational tool; it’s a strategic asset that can significantly improve how information flows within an organization. By making the org chart more accessible, searchable, and navigable, this solution empowers employees to connect and collaborate more effectively. In today’s fast-paced business environment, such a tool is invaluable, enabling organizations to remain agile, informed, and cohesive.


6th Street Consulting continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with SharePoint, and this latest offering is a clear example of their innovative approach to digital workplace solutions. For organizations looking to enhance their internal communications and organizational awareness, a custom SharePoint org chart is certainly worth considering.

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