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Microsoft Teams Governance Services

Microsoft Teams Governance Services

Establish Accurate Teams Governance Roles

Implementing Microsoft Teams with your business can be an undertaking, but establishing your governance guidelines does not have to be difficult. At 6th Street Consulting, our team of certified Microsoft professionals are experienced at deploying proper Microsoft Teams governance services and organizational structure so you can get the most out of the platform without stifling creativity and workflow.

We can help with:

• Administrative control over important features

• On-site training and virtual support

Streamlined Implementation and Unmatched Organizational Structure

Team Responsibilities Team Responsibilities

Team Responsibilities

Configurable per Channel to allow only Team Members with specific email addresses to access certain teams without admin permissions.

Legal Search & Compliance Legal Search & Compliance

Legal Search & Compliance

With proper organization and Microsoft Teams governance services, legal departments can quickly access communication and documentation to ensure departments are in compliance with regulatory standards.

Best Microsoft Teams Governance Plan Best Microsoft Teams Governance Plan

Meeting Administration

Call and meeting features can be enabled to disabled by administrators to ensure end-users have the proper permissions to access, present and record meetings.

User & Access Management

Creating a Microsoft Teams governance plan will allow your company to communicate more effectively and ensure that users have access to the areas that they need. When creating a Teams governance plan, it is crucial to remember that Microsoft Teams is designed for collaboration and in order to get the most out of Teams a governance policy needs to provide organization, security and without interfering with how your team operates.

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