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SharePoint Syntex – Machine Teaching and AI for Content Management

SharePoint Syntex Services

SharePoint Syntex – Machine Teaching and AI for Content Management

Microsoft is continually innovating its software to meet the needs of businesses, and the technology giant’s latest innovation is SharePoint Syntex. SharePoint Syntex is the newest edition of Microsoft’s SharePoint and takes the benefits of SharePoint to the next level. SharePoint Syntex development has evolved out of the latest Microsoft 365 project, which is Project Cortex. SharePoint Syntex is the first software to be released out of Project Cortex.

SharePoint Syntex could be a valuable addition to your business, helping you to save time, money and transforming your files from passive documents into insightful knowledge.

How Does SharePoint Syntex Work?

SharePoint Syntex uses machine teaching and artificial intelligence (AI) to capture knowledge from your existing documents and to help you process your content automatically.

SharePoint Syntex has two main functions; these functions are document understanding and form processing; these functions transform your existing content into knowledge. Here we will look at each of these functions in more detail:

Document Understanding

Document understanding is used for unstructured documents. Unstructured documents typically feature lots of text, and the data that needs to be captured could be within sentences. Using document understanding allows information to be identified from within the document and to be extracted, even when the data forms part of a wider body of the text.

Form Processing

If you have a structured document such as an invoice, you can train SharePoint Syntex to recognize and capture parts of the document. If you hope to gain insight into specific data from each of your invoice files, the Form Processing function can help you access this data instantly.

What are the Benefits of Using SharePoint Syntex?

Are you considering SharePoint Syntex adoption for your business? This innovative software has so much to offer business users. Using SharePoint Syntex provides an exciting new way to see the tangible benefits of AI and machine teaching. The best part is you can incorporate AI and machine teaching directly into your business practices. Here are some of the benefits to be gained from using SharePoint Syntex for your business:

  • You will be able to access meaningful data quickly without the need to trawl through hundreds of files to find it.
  • SharePoint Syntex will help you to save time and boost productivity. Tasks that were previously labor-intensive can now be carried out quickly and easily using leaving your employees free to focus on other jobs.
  • If you plan to scale your business, SharePoint Syntex will make it easier. There is no need to spend hours looking for the data that you need; using SharePoint Syntex will enable you to extract the insights you need instantly, allowing you to make informed business decisions fast.
  • Metadata can be applied automatically to your documents without the need to code.
  • A more recent addition to SharePoint Syntex, which was introduced at the end of 2020, is the ability to add sensitivity or retention labels to your documents. Applying these labels enables businesses to fulfill compliance regulations and to protect their documents.

The Future of SharePoint Syntex and Its Applications

As AI and machine teaching evolve, SharePoint Syntex is poised to further revolutionize the way businesses handle and manage content. While the current iteration already provides powerful tools for document understanding and form processing, the horizon looks promising with potential enhancements and applications:

  1. Advanced Customization: Future updates may allow businesses to customize SharePoint Syntex’s AI capabilities to meet specific industry needs, tailoring its content processing to niches like medical records, legal documents, or research papers.
  2. Integrations with Other Microsoft Services: Imagine the synergy between SharePoint Syntex and tools like Microsoft Power BI. The data extracted by Syntex can be seamlessly fed into Power BI to produce comprehensive and visually appealing analytics.
  3. Enhanced Security Features: With the increasing emphasis on data privacy, SharePoint Syntex might bolster its security features to ensure that sensitive information, once identified, is protected with advanced encryption and authorization mechanisms.
  4. Collaborative AI Training: Businesses might be able to collaborate and share their machine teaching models (while keeping proprietary data private) to refine and improve the accuracy and efficiency of document processing.
  5. Real-time Processing: As processing power and AI efficiency increase, SharePoint Syntex could evolve to process documents in real-time, providing instant insights as content is created or modified.

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Considering the remarkable advancements Microsoft has made with SharePoint Syntex, it’s worth keeping an eye on how this tool will shape the landscape of content management in the coming years.

For businesses on the fence about adopting this technology, the future holds even more reasons to embrace SharePoint Syntex as an integral part of your content management strategy.

Learn more about how your business can utilize Microsoft SharePoint Syntex to improve the organization of your files and the efficiency of your Team.  Contact 6th Street Consulting for an initial discussion with your business.