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Microsoft Cloud PC Aims to Provide PC Access Anywhere

Microsoft Cloud PC Aims To Provide PC Access Anywhere

Microsoft Cloud PC Aims to Provide PC Access Anywhere

Software as a service has been a favorite of Microsoft in recent years. Having revamped its Office software to make the service almost entirely cloud-based, along with investing heavily in data centers, this tech giant has long been working towards offering something even bigger.

Microsoft Cloud PC is set to become available in June/July 2021, offering users the chance to access computing power on a subscription basis rather than having to buy their own machines. But what exactly is Cloud PC and how does it work?

What Is Microsoft Cloud PC?

Microsoft Cloud PC is a service that is designed to give users access to a Windows 10 Desktop from anywhere in the world. Acting almost like a virtual machine, you will log in to your Cloud PC from a smartphone, laptop, or another computer, gaining access to far more power than you would usually have access to.

With Medium, Heavy, and Advanced workloads being catered to, this sort of service can enable you to save a huge amount of money while also benefiting from the regular Cloud services that Microsoft offers. This system is Azure-based, but it does not follow the same pricing structure and Microsoft’s existing Azure services.

The Benefits of Microsoft Cloud PC

A service like Cloud PC can come with many benefits for both business and private users. We have covered some of these below to give you an idea of how powerful this new service will be, though you may get even more from it depending on your needs.

  • Access Anywhere: Like Microsoft’s other cloud services, Cloud PC will offer access to your personal desktop wherever you are, making it possible to save a huge amount of time.
  • Backups & Data Security: Microsoft is one of the leading data security companies in the world. This means that they provide excellent backups, while also protecting your data as if it were their own.
  • Affordability & Demand: Paying for a subscription is often more affordable than buying machines to cater to your team, while also enabling you to adjust the level of service you receive based on what you need at any given time.
  • Achieving the Unachievable: Each tier of Cloud PC will offer different specifications, enabling you to access machines that are far more powerful than you could justify buying for yourself.

Getting Ahead of The Game

While it is not available for another couple of months, many businesses are already working hard to make sure that they are ready for the release of Microsoft Cloud PC. 6th Street Consulting can help you to prepare yourself to take full advantage of this new service, putting you ahead of the pack and making it possible to enjoy excellent computing services.

Cloud PC is likely to change the way that many companies operate, creating a hardware environment that is much easier to navigate than it used to be. In some cases, you may be able to get away with buying the cheapest machine you can find to handle Cloud PC, without ever having to deal with slowness or incompatibility.

If you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft Cloud PC and how it can be utilized for your business to streamline access and project management, contact 6th Street Consulting today.