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Timesheets for SharePoint

6SC Timesheets for SharePoint

Reduce your employee time entry errors and allow you and your employees to spend more time being productive.

6SC Timesheets for SharePoint is an add-in that allows companies to record and track employee time entries down to the tenth of an hour and automatically calculates the available amount of PTO, Sick, Vacation and Holiday Time off.

Any business that needs to maintain, monitor, and analyze employee time entries can benefit from the simple, intuitive, modern user interface and flexible configurability.

Common time categories and entries are repeatable and internal time can be tracked as well as project time, making this add-in simple to use and categorize throughout your company.

For more information or to purchase Timesheets for SharePoint visit our product page on Microsoft’s AppSource.

Why is Time Tracking Important for Your Business?

Time is the one resource that all businesses share in equal measure.  Sure the amount of time that can be devoted to a project can vary from business to business based on the current quantity of work and available staff, but we are all given the same amount of time, and it is important for businesses to maximize what they get out of it.

That’s where Timesheets for SharePoint comes in.  Our platform helps your employees keep track of billable and non-billable time so managers can accurately measure and allocate resources to projects without surprises.

Additionally, Timesheets for SharePoint helps employees understand where their own time is going and if there are more efficient ways to communicate or manage existing workflow.

Why Choose 6SC Timesheets for SharePoint?

Access from virtually any device for time entry from anywhere at any time.  Timesheets for SharePoint ease of entry will delight your team and can provide automated workflows for effortless manager approval.

This add-in increases efficiency and makes processing invoicing and payroll more efficient through summary reporting in Microsoft365. Spend more time being productive and less time keeping track of how time is spent.

Whether you have consultants working on billable projects or need a more effective alternative to complicated and extensive Excel worksheets, time is simple to enter and categorize across your company.

6SC is committed to our customers by offering ongoing support, maintenance and upgrades to Timesheets for SharePoint. We are with you every step of the way to ensure that this add-in keeps your time productive.

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