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Teamwork hitting a snag? We can help

Teamwork Hitting a Snag?

Teamwork hitting a snag? We can help

Growing pains are real in the workplace. Not just when it comes to gaining more employees, but also when it comes to expanding digital reach (mobile work), and welcoming in new generations.

Now, we’re not going to go ahead and tell you any one of these products will suddenly sooth clashing personalities – BUT, with features in Teams an SharePoint, we’ll open up all lines of communication and get the ball rolling – so you can focus on any personal fouls.

Interface problems that can inhibit teamwork are:

  • using too many contrasting tools,
  • inefficient meetings
  • inconsistent apps

To the first and third points, uniformity is key. If team members are using different interfaces for email, phone calls, file-sharing, calendar setups… anything, you’ll easily hit a road block. SharePoint’s biggest key is creating a hub that ensures everyone is using the same app or model to do something. And when it upgrades – it upgrades company-wide. So you don’t have someone working on model 4, while someone else is plugging away on 6.5.

How can you work as a team if you’re not even in the same game?

Now combine Microsoft Teams on top of that. You already have a uniform workflow, and now with Teams, you can reach a bigger audience, and bring in that interpersonal and interactive side of things.

Now, to meetings. Don’t make them something for people to groan about.

Managers – if you’re in a meeting and find yourself otherwise occupied on your phone or laptop with other things – re-evaluate the purpose of that meeting, and the purpose of you being there. The same could be said for all other employees, if you’re questioning how essential your presence is, maybe it’s time to regroup the meeting set-up. A great tool to help you track meeting productivity is the SharePoint Analytics tool.