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Why Microsoft Teams Works – by the numbers

Why Microsoft Teams Works – By the Numbers

Why Microsoft Teams Works – by the numbers

Seamless communication from the first line worker to the C-suite is made possible by Microsoft Teams. We’ve given you the abstract how before – but here in this blog, are the numbers to back it up, via a Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

The study examined more than 260 businesses that use teams across a wide range of industries. These companies wanted to use teams increase employee productivity, improve collaboration across the organization and enable innovation. T

These same companies cited their challenge as the following: supporting global growth across multiple time zones, mobile connectivity, enhancing integration while keeping systems secure and keeping up innovation speed with the growing marketplace.

How Teams helped, per the study: reducing collaboration costs, accelerating decision making, improving both employee and customer experience.

The study breaks down how exactly Teams managed to do so.

With Teams’ seamless collaboration platform, workers saved 4 hours/week through seamless communication.

Online meetings took the place of 150 overnight trips.

Firstline workers saved 45 minutes per week by using Teams platforms to communicate with colleagues.

Time-to-decision making improved by 17.7 percent.

Companies held 18.9 percent less time in meetings.