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Surface Hub 2S: New hardware driving the software

Surface Hub 2S: New hardware driving the software

We do a lot of software talk here, but today – let’s talk hardware.

And, yes, a little more on software too… because that’s what makes the hardware so cool.

The Surface Hub 2S Is Microsoft’s newest way to foster teamwork without boundaries.  It’s 2019’s  all-in-one digital whiteboard, and it brings the power of the entire Windows 10 network to life

Just look at it! It’s pretty. It’s sleek, so it doesn’t just theoretically fit into any workplace – it physically does, too.

It’s the perfect tool to complement Teams. Far-field mics, crystal-clear speakers, 4K resolution. Letting you feel “right there” with your remote employees, and helping them feel the same. (Note, as we’ve reported previously, multiple studies emphasize the importance of the quality of this type of communication. The closer workers feel, the more productive they are).

And look – there’s more! Back to that all-in-one whiteboard point. You can use ALL your Microsoft apps on this device, and have multiple programs up at once. And your work on the Surface Hub 2S won’t negatively impact other employees’ work on their own devices.