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What’s New with Microsoft Teams Functionality

What’s New with Microsoft Teams Functionality

What’s New with Microsoft Teams Functionality

COVID-19 may be changing the way we all do business, but there is one tool that is helping many businesses make the transition easier, Microsoft Teams.  Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving to meet the demands of businesses across every industry and as a result, the platform continues to add new functionality. Read on to learn about some of the latest features that are already available in Microsoft Teams.

Integrated Outlook Experience

Teams are where work gets done.  And today, a lot of work and time goes into email communication.  Teams set out to make your email work harder and improve the way that employees communicate and collaborate with each other.  By integrating Outlook and Teams, you can now move a Teams conversation from Teams to Outlook with just a few simple clicks.  Additionally, you can take an email conversation and move it to Teams (including images, tables, and attachments).  Learn more about this new feature.

Targeted Communication

Teams is smart.  When it comes to communication, Teams can help you to define the audience that you need to message automatically.  By using an @tag, Teams allows a user to message an entire audience associated with that @tag with just one click.  Need to message the entire marketing department about a new product, use their @tag (for example @marketing), and in one-click, your message is ready to send to the whole group.

Files Powered by SharePoint

Never lose track of a file again.  With the new Teams file experience powered by SharePoint, the File tab of a channel includes the ability to sync files directly from your PC.  Now you can see previews of file types including images, videos, Microsoft 365 files like Word & Excel, and much more directly within Teams.

Stay tuned to the 6th Street Consulting blog for more updates on the latest functionality coming to Microsoft Teams, and contact us if your company or organization is looking to customize or optimize their Teams experience.