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SharePoint Server 2010 End of Support Extended

SharePoint Server 2010 End of Support Extended to April 2021

SharePoint Server 2010 End of Support Extended

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing so much fluctuation in life and business, Microsoft has made the decision to extend the time of support for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 in order to allow companies more time to transition to newer versions of SharePoint Service on-premises or to the cloud with SharePoint within Microsoft 365.

The new end of support date for SharePoint Server 2010 will not be April 13, 2021, a full six months from the original end of support date.  This includes the following versions of SharePoint and Project Server:

  • SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • Project Server 2010

What Does the Extension Mean for Businesses?

This extension will provide businesses the time and flexibility to manage their transition plans accordingly.  Microsoft does intend to keep the new April 2021 end of support date without offering another extension.  When support does end, Microsoft will no longer be providing support for problems that occur which includes bug fixes, usability concerns, and most importantly, vulnerabilities that are discovered which may result in security breaches.

At 6th Street Consulting, we strongly recommend that you begin your transition plans well before the end of support date.  Migrations to newer or cloud-based versions of SharePoint can take time, especially if the platform that been highly customized for a specific business, and we expect that there will be a large volume of companies that choose to delay migrations resulting in a flurry of activity prior to the end of support date.

Migrate SharePoint 2010 to Microsoft 365

It is our recommendation is most circumstances that companies migrate their legacy versions of SharePoint 2010 to Microsoft 365.  This provides a multitude of benefits, including going to a cloud-based subscription service that offers best-in-class tools for the modern workforce.

If your company is working with a legacy version of SharePoint 2010 and will need to migrate, contact our office to speak with one of our certified experts.  We can provide specific consulting and migration services that meet the needs of your specific use of SharePoint while ensuring that the migration process is handled quickly and seamlessly from start to finish.