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SharePoint Migration Consulting Services

SharePoint Migration Services

For On-Premises and Office 365 Cloud Environments

Are you considering migrating your business from a legacy version of SharePoint?  The process can be daunting, and, without proper preparation, it can lead to major disruptions, bottlenecks, and even costly complications. But, don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back from making necessary advancements. With our expert guidance, you can navigate the transition smoothly and avoid any potential pain points. Don’t let a technology switch cripple your business, let us help you make it a seamless transition.

At 6th Street Consulting, we understand that migrating to a new platform can be a stressful and overwhelming process for any organization. That’s why our team of experts offers professional, hassle-free SharePoint migration services to make the transition as smooth as possible.

How SharePoint Migration Consultant Helps

Say goodbye to the discomfort and growing pains that often come with migration. Our team will take the lead on your migration efforts and guide you through the process, whether you’re moving from another platform or upgrading to a newer version of SharePoint. Trust us to handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what matters most, running your business.

Many business owners as well as representatives will deal with significant questions while attempting to plan out a migration without the help of professional services. At 6SC, we will answer many of these questions with our free consultation about how to set up your business’s SharePoint server as well as implementing security solutions.

There are a large sampling of apps and platforms that can be migrated to Office 365 and SharePoint. 6SC supports all the major options and a number of specific scenarios as well. If you do not see your platform or app listed below, then contact us regardless, as there is a solid chance we have worked with your individual scenario in the past. Find out which tool is the best one for the job and we will work with you each step of the way to determine the best option for you, to make your engagement a total success.

SharePoint Migration Consulting Services

SharePoint 2013 Migration

SharePoint 2013 marked the last time where Microsoft attempted to incorporate extra services into the platform. The goal was to offer more options that could be purchased and added to SharePoint 2013, enhancing the product. SharePoint 2013 was also developed during the emergence of SharePoint Online.

Since then, Microsoft and other businesses have realized that this approach caused a lot of extra work, mistakes, and bewilderment. The additional services were removed and deprecated in SharePoint 2016 and never made it to SharePoint Online. 6th Street Consulting can handle migrations from legacy SharePoint to SharePoint Online for your business.

SharePoint 2016 Migration

SharePoint 2016 introduced the modern UI as the first SharePoint platform. Whether you are using it or not, we will have detailed discussions on how to harmonize the user experience if you are using both.

Your SharePoint 2016 migration to SharePoint Online will unlock a plethora of new functionality which may require end-user and administrator training. We generally do not recommend migrating from SharePoint 2016 to SharePoint 2019, but we are happy to explain the reasons behind it.

SharePoint 2019 Migration

When migrating to SharePoint 2019, there are many factors to take into account. Information related to SharePoint 2019 is intertwined with SharePoint Online information. We strongly suggest seeking advice from SharePoint experts to fully comprehend the advantages of migrating to SharePoint 2019.

Additionally, we have specialized expertise in migrating from SharePoint 2019 to SharePoint Online. This transition can offer numerous benefits, including a significant decrease in overall IT expenses. We will collaborate with your organization to conduct a cost-benefit analysis if required, and then expedite the migration process.

Dropbox to SharePoint Migration Services

Many companies initially turn to Dropbox for sending large files, but soon realize they are lacking in many features provided by SharePoint. Two critical aspects of transitioning from Dropbox to SharePoint are training and communication. Users need to understand the reasoning behind the switch and what benefits they will gain by migrating with Dropbox to SharePoint Migration Services. Other essential factors that are often considered include internal and external file sharing and how they will function in the future.

G Suite to Office 365 and SharePoint Migration

G Suite, offered by Google, attempts to compete with Office 365. Companies typically migrate from G Suite to Office 365 for three main reasons:

      • Other tools or customers within the company rely on Microsoft.
      • Custom business apps can be developed using Power Apps.
      • Business automation and integration capabilities are more robust with Power Automate.

It’s important to take inventory of which tools within G Suite will be migrated to SharePoint Online. A comprehensive migration plan, including end-user communication and strategic migration paths, is essential to minimize business disruption.

Tenant to Tenant SharePoint Migration

Tenant to tenant migration services for SharePoint are specialized solutions intended to facilitate the transfer of an organization’s content, data, and applications from one SharePoint tenant to another. These services allow tenants to move to fresh cloud-based systems, streamline numerous SharePoint sites, or improve their content arrangement to foster better collaboration and workflow.

The advantages of tenant to tenant SharePoint migration services include better security, compliance, and accessibility, coupled with improved collaboration and productivity. The services guarantee a smooth, secure, and efficient switch to a new SharePoint environment, limiting downtime and minimizing data loss.

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