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Microsoft VIVA Topics Services

Microsoft Viva Topics Consultant

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According to Microsoft’s research, the typical worker spends more than an hour per day, or seven weeks per year, looking for or generating data that already exists inside their business, on average. A company’s reservoir of information expands inexorably, and the process of digesting that information becomes increasingly difficult.

Distinguishing relevant material, understanding business lingo, and identifying SMEs may be a time-consuming task, particularly for new employees. This can result in knowledge drain as well as difficulties with onboarding and skill development. Time spent on such duties is unproductive and has a negative impact on staff engagement and productivity.

What is the answer to this problem? How can leaders convey the correct information at the right time to maximize the time and knowledge of their workers, conserve knowledge, decrease interruptions, and improve decision-making?

Your Trusted Microsoft
Viva Topics Partner

It is important to note that VIVA Topics is one of four modules that make up Microsoft VIVA, which is Microsoft’s employee experience platform that brings together information, communications, learning, and insights into the flow of workers’ daily work.

Microsoft VIVA Topics makes use of artificial intelligence to provide individuals with expertise and knowledge in the apps they use daily, as well as to connect, manage, and safeguard material across systems and teams.

VIVA Topics combines the computing power of Microsoft Cloud with the artificial intelligence capabilities of Microsoft Graph to assist clients in transforming material into actionable knowledge.

Beginning in February 2021, Microsoft has made this powerful solution available to all Microsoft 365 users for trial and eventual purchase. VIVA Topics is built on Project Cortex, which was released by Microsoft in 2019 to make better use of the information held in multiple cloud services, including Microsoft 365, and other systems.

Microsoft Viva Topics Services

What is Microsoft VIVA Topics?

Microsoft VIVA Topics organizes material and knowledge across systems and teams into relevant categories such as processes, products, customers, and projects by building and reasoning over the content and expertise existent in an organization’s network and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

As workers work in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, VIVA Topics develops “topic cards” for them.

Employees, especially new hires, must spend time researching and understanding new material. Information on a subject is often saved in several apps and tools.

When it comes to VIVA Topics, it does exactly what it says it does: it gathers all the relevant information on a certain topic into a single card, eliminating employee burnout and helping them to get the information they need at the right time.

When users see an unknown phrase, they can just hover over it to discover videos, documents, and individuals who are associated with it. In short, knowledge finds them rather than the other way around.

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For more information about Microsoft Viva Topics Consultants or help with VIVA topics from a Microsoft Viva Topics Partner, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Based out of Redondo Beach, CA we are trusted by global businesses to deliver intranets, portals and experiences that truly engage.

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