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Microsoft Viva Support Services

Microsoft Viva Support Services

Explore Microsoft Viva To Empower and Revitalize Your Team

As a society, our recent and unexpected move into remote work is causing changes that will ripple through business culture for years to come. Working from home has introduced new benefits and risks into everyone’s experience. On one hand, many workers love spending more time around their families and report greater peace of mind regarding health risks. Conversely, feelings of isolation, uncertainty, and anxiety have also increased. The 2020 Microsoft Work Trend Index reports that almost 60% of people feel less connected to their colleagues after leaving the office and moving into remote work. If your team feels disengaged and struggles with similar issues, you are not alone. Today’s workers deserve a new approach designed to tackle modern challenges. Microsoft Viva and the Employee Experience Platform (EXP) re-centers the most important part of any team: your people. EXP allows you to support and empower your team by collecting diverse work systems and support methods in one central, easy-to-navigate tool.

A Full Suite of Support, Compliance and Management Services for Your Business

Viva Connections is a fun, engaging tool to keep your team informed and connected. With opportunities to inspire, educate, and reach out to employees, Viva Connections recreates the sense of camaraderie your team used to enjoy in their shared workspace.

With Viva Topics, your team can always pool their knowledge. Share information to ensure everyone is on the same page. Viva Topics helps reduce silos and break down barriers so your team can work as efficiently as possible.

Viva Learning encourages your team to keep growing and developing. The LinkedIn Learning 2020 Workplace Learning Report found that 94% of employees would stay at a company that invests in their continued learning. Foster a culture of continuing education with Viva Learning’s tools, all embedded within the apps your team already uses.

Microsoft Viva Is the Optimal Platform for Your Team

Microsoft Viva offers a full range of tools to help your company continue to grow and succeed at any scale. You can count on the proven performance and familiar features of Microsoft 365, optimized through the friendly Microsoft Teams interface, to drive the employee experience. Microsoft Viva provides an optimizing layer that guides and streamlines workflow, interactions, and learning.


Whether you are a mid-sized operation or an enterprise-sized company, you know that your people drive the core of your success. Microsoft Viva is built with this same person-centric philosophy in mind. Viva focuses on the user experience to provide an intuitive, organic look and feel. The platform is easy to use, driving widespread adoption among your users and delivering an immediate value.


Microsoft Viva delivers real-time insights on your team so you can always course correct. Privacy-protected, personalized data help your leadership team identify where additional support, workflow adjustments, or engagement is needed. Access these insights throughout the workday to learn more about your team’s unique strengths and needs. Viva is designed with Microsoft’s industry-leading commitment to data security and user trust, so you can be confident your information is always safeguarded.


Microsoft Viva can adapt to your specific needs through robust customization and extensions. A growing number of technology partners are integrating with Viva, allowing you to easily work with your existing human resources (HR), customer relationship management (CRM), and learning management system (LMS) tools.

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Microsoft Viva is designed to seamlessly integrate within any business’s framework. Whether you are already using your Microsoft 365 subscription to its full capacity or would like to learn how Viva can open up new applications, your team will gain valuable knowledge, insights, and communication networks. Explore how implementing Microsoft Viva can help your mid-size to enterprise-size business perform its best. Your team members are one of your company’s most important investments. Reinforce employee engagement, enhance options for open communication, and build a sense of belonging with Microsoft Viva. Employee engagement, efficiency, and retention remain important in current market conditions, so learn how Viva and the Employee Experience Platform can transform your performance. Contact us by clicking on the live chat button or giving us a call at 310-694-3844 today.

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