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Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom Meetings in the Era of Coronavirus

Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom Meetings in the Era of Coronavirus

Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom Meetings in the Era of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has shown people things they never knew about remote working, on an unprecedented level. One of the more important features of remote working is the ability to hold remote meetings.

In the past, Zoom has been an incredibly popular product for holding these meetings. Microsoft Teams has long offered a viable alternative to Zoom, with significantly better security measures that result in a Tier-D security compliance rating. This compliance rating makes Microsoft Teams usable for even the strictest government sector meetings. Meanwhile, Zoom has come under fire during the Coronavirus outbreak for weak security measures. Some of these Zoom breaches have come to be referred to as “Zoombombing”, but they are no laughing matter.

Microsoft Teams Features Compared to Zoom

Microsoft Teams offers several important security features that Zoom does not. Besides having a greater emphasis on the security features of its products, Microsoft has greater bandwidth to deal with providing quality service.

Microsoft is a more mature company and deletes user data after accounts are removed. The company works hard on creating transparency reports, which Zoom is still working on creating for its users.

It’s important to note that several government agencies have banned using Zoom for their business, given the recent security breaches and the lack of cooperation with law enforcement on the part of the company.

Microsoft offers a detailed report on the security measures they take, including how their protocols for data transfer are stored and what they do with data. As an added benefit, Microsoft Teams does not utilize ads in their product.

Microsoft Teams For Government Agencies and Defense Contractors

We are sure that government agencies like defense contractors and schools are getting a better product with Microsoft Teams. Given the recent choice of other government contractors to stop using Zoom, we offer Microsoft Teams as a superior option.

You have a lot more control over how you manage security in Microsoft Teams, and we are happy to offer demos at our company. Microsoft is a much older company and has a stronger culture in security than other newer products, like Zoom, can offer.

We encourage you to try it for yourself, but we also encourage you to review Microsoft’s detailed outline of the transfer protocols for Teams. This report offers insight into how the security ratings are achieved and why Microsoft Teams is HIPPA-compliant.