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Microsoft Teams … and Money

Microsoft Teams and Money

Microsoft Teams … and Money

We talk a lot about maximizing productivity here at 6SC, mainly in the abstract sense. But here, we’ll monetize it for you.

According to Forrester Research, the amount of time Microsoft Teams saves businesses has a direct correlation to how much money Microsoft Teams saves businesses.

First, let’s look at time.

  • Workers save 4 hours/week because of Microsoft Teams’ improved collaboration and information sharing platform.
  • Employees sit in meetings 18.9 percent less of the time because of Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft teams replaced 150 trips with just-as-successful online meetings.
  • Decision makers made choices 17.7 percent more quickly with the help of Microsoft Teams.

Here’s how that translates into money saved

Based on a study of businesses over three years – Forrester found a $30.3 million impact.

Companies saved:

  • $6.9 million being more effective in meetings.
  • $451,300 making faster decisions
  • $4.8 million not having to consistently switch and cater to different applications with remote workers

“Teams is a cohesive environment where a user has access to everything in one place,” GM, telecoms.