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Providing an Incredible Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva

Providing an Incredible Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Employee Experience Platforms are known as systems of experience. They have the ability to help organizations thrive, ensuring top-notch leaders and employee buy-in.

The employee experience should focus on the well-being of each team member, providing empowerment, connection, and growth. They should also create both a sense of purpose and focus on each employee, tying into the buy-in needed.

Employee Experience Platforms use a number of components that are essential for ensuring happy, loyal employees, who are necessary for a successful business. These include:

  • Growth and Development

In order to give employees opportunities for growth and development, the platform must offer interactive and engaging learning, training new employees and progressing others, as well as providing the coaching employees need for advancement.

  • Communication

Seamless communication is key to an effective organization. Employee Experience Platforms provide streamlined communication tools, making announcements, news, events, and shared information available for all.

  • Wellbeing

The well-being of the whole self of each employee must be a top priority. An Employee Experience Platform will provide tools and resources that focus on the physical, mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing of each employee.

  • Communities

Building a strong, connected community is essential when creating a loyal team. With the Employee Experience Platform, you can focus on diversity and inclusion, create a number of interest groups where people can connect with one another, and work on developing a cohesive team.

  • Knowledge

The continual advancement and increase in knowledge of each employee provide a sense of purpose and success. Every employee needs to feel valued and purposeful in their position in order to be content and work towards the progress of the business. With access to content, projects, experts, and more through the platform, team members will be able to focus on their knowledge and growth, boosting their mental health and helping them do a great job.

  • Insights

Accurate analytics offer necessary insight into the employee experience, which enables you to make changes as needed. The platform should have a place for employees to provide feedback, thoughts, and fill out surveys, which can help to build a better workplace.

  • Company Resources

The Employee Experience Portal can provide employees access to all of the tools and resources used by the company. This includes payroll, apps, IT, and other workplace services. Being able to access all of the important information in one simple place streamlines things, creating a more user-friendly experience for employees.

Why Use an Employee Experience Platform?

With an Employee Experience Platform, you can create the employee experience that you need in order to build a loyal team. Businesses need their team of employees to have buy-in and to be proud of their place of work. That’s why they need a platform that streamlines everything, including communication, learning, and processes.  The more on-board the team of employees is, the more seamlessly the business runs. Keep your team focused, growing, and content, by providing them with everything they need in one single, simple platform.

Microsoft Viva- The Employee Experience Platform You Need

When you are looking for an Employee Experience Platform, look no further than Microsoft Viva. This cohesive platform combines all of the essential components; growth, development, communication, wellbeing, community, knowledge, insights, and company resources, to create the experience your employees desire.

With Microsoft Viva, learning is simple and fun, communication is a breeze, and business is organized. Your team will be ready to take things to the next level