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How do you defend against cyber attacks?

Defend Against Cyber Attacks with Microsoft 365

How do you defend against cyber attacks?

6th Street Consulting can show you how with SharePoint and Microsoft 365.


If you are connected to the internet, you are subjected to cyber attacks. from all angles. Dramatic? Maybe, but rooted in a digital reality. A digital reality that’s in need of a multifaceted defense system like Microsoft 365 Business. Protecting your data from external threats 365 days a year – on a 360 degree angle.

And as you gear up for this always-on-the-defensive cyber battle, look to us here at 6th Street Consulting as your lead commander. The go-to that can help channel the right functions of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 to your success.

Your business, in essence, is kind of like your battlefield. With the exception of the fact, of course, that you’re not on the attack. But you ARE navigating to enemy digital territory when you share your sensitive data. Lucky for you, we’ve been in the trenches for years. And we know how to protect that data as you take it where it needs to go.

SharePoint allows your business to manage information, data, and applications seamlessly and effortlessly while connecting users across the organization. Which is what you need to capitalize on day-to-day productivity. Think of that as your “offensive” war strategy. It’s the calculated moves you make to advance. Microsoft 365 has you covered on the “defensive” strategy, proactively working to protect you from external threats, internal leaks, accidental breaches, as well as anything caused by human error.

The best thing about Microsoft 365 – it’s not a blanket security system. It’s tailored to the specific needs of your business, and we can help you navigate that artillery plan.

Encrypting mobile devices, being able to wipe clean stolen assets (such as laptops), removing phishing/ransomware links from emails, as well as require additional authentication to access your business data can all be done with Microsoft 365. What’s the best for you? Tell us.

Microsoft 365 is your shield. Laptop stolen? We can wipe it clean. Worried about breaches in multiple remote mobile devices? We’ll encrypt them. Getting spam emails? We’ll make sure they don’t come back, and that you don’t enable any phishing or ransomware links. Something new hitting ya that you’re not quite sure about? Even if we haven’t seen it before – M365 will adapt, and defend.

6th Street Consulting employs an army of resources to combat data breaches and educate businesses, so you can better protect your company. Let us help you get there today.