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The Next Evolution in Modern Employee Experience – Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva Featured

The Next Evolution in Modern Employee Experience – Microsoft Viva

The Covid-19 has caused some major paradigm shifts, and companies have rushed to answer these shifts in perspective. Microsoft is currently one of the leading corporations in answering the call, as they’ve just introducing Microsoft Viva, the first EXP built for the digital era. Viva will unify and unite communications technology with learning resources, creating major insights into the integrated experience which helps members of teams in business and elsewhere be their absolute best. This brief article will explain what Viva is and how you can use it to benefit your company. You can also rely on 6thStreet Consulting to handle all the implementation and development within the platform.

Microsoft Viva Connections

One of the major issues facing companies during the pandemic, and in the broad sphere of remote work, is the lack of connection among team members. Companies are doing everything they can to make teams feel like teams, as opposed to a set of disparate and far-flung individuals, but this is a large challenge with very few solutions. Microsoft’s Viva Connections plans to answer this challenge, however, by offering a single-place gateway for the digital workplace.
The software is built to simulate multiple points of interaction, from town hall meetings between employers and employees to other communities built with the idea of camaraderie in mind. The software will provide a feed of information which helps connect other apps and software to Microsoft Viva. The content found on the platform can even be adjusted based on roles in the company, so employees always have the information and resources they need.

Microsoft Viva Insights

The pandemic has also led many workers to feel burned out and dispassionate about the work they do. Viva addresses this through Insights software, which is designed to give employees their time back through innovative solutions. It offers personal wellbeing advice to every member of your team using Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics, streamlining the information through Microsoft Teams.

The software considers the type and urgency of the projects team members are working on and will schedule breaks for them to destress and refocus their mind. The software will be integrated with Headspace to help employees find their own time and work in their own manner to bring about efficient and effective work no matter what project is being worked on. 6th Street consulting can help your business integrate this component of Microsoft Viva with no hassle and in optimal time.

Microsoft Viva Learning

In the modern age, information is one of the most important resources available. Viva Learning was designed to help companies develop a culture predicated on knowledge and learning, to help them retain talent and keep up with the pace of a rapidly evolving world. Viva Learning was designed specifically to meet the needs of employees who have said that they would stay with their current employer if such a culture of learning and personal development was established.
The software allows employees to easily discover and share everything related to their occupation and current projects, from training courses to microlearning content. Viva’s central hub is instrumental in helping employees share resources with each other and educate one another on more efficient and practical methods to accomplish the work they are currently doing.

Microsoft Viva Topics

Finally, there is the issue of redundancy of information within companies. Microsoft ran a poll and found that employees spend approximately seven weeks per year trying to search for or recreate information which exists elsewhere in the company. This time is usually intensely tedious and distracts from the tasks at hand daily. Viva Topics was made to combat this problem, allowing employees to search for and find information more easily within their company’s database.
The software uses a highly advanced AI to organize content within the company and is sophisticated enough to sort this content into relevant categories, such as “projects,” “products,” “processes,” and “customers.” When your employees need to search for prior information, they will be able to find it at a snap of their fingers thanks to Viva Topics.
6th Street Consulting can help your company integrate this technology for your employees and keep you on the path toward innovation and quality service at a breakneck pace.