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Client Spotlight: Schweiger Dermatology Group

Schweiger Dermatology Group

6SC helps Schweiger Dermatology with the cutting edge technology to help sustain and grow their practice.

Schweiger Dermatology Group was founded to help make excellent dermatology care accessible throughout the Northeast. In 2010, Dr. Eric Schweiger started the practice with a single location in Midtown Manhattan. When he saw the need for high-quality dermatology care that did not require weeks or months of waiting to see a qualified provider, his vision of a multi-location practice was born. We are now the largest dermatology practice in the region, with over 70 offices throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Schweiger Dermatology Group
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Schweiger Dermatology Group was searching for SharePoint development services for a vendor to assist with moving their company’s data to the cloud.

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After beginning as an engagement for SharePoint development services, 6th Street Consulting also assisted in making a massive move to Azure and opening up Microsoft 365 for our business.  The development work evolved after that into assistance with Microsoft Teams.  Now, 6th Steet Consulting serves as an integral part of the IT management and maintenance including having a weekly phone cadence to discuss new ideas and technologies.

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The setup and migration to the cloud along with Microsoft Teams allowed for an easier transition to a hybrid office setting and provides the IT Team at Schweiger Dermatology Group the ability to manage the day-to-day operations and the capacity to plan for the future technology needs of the business.

"They are so good."

I work with Jonathan, James, Michelle, and Joshua, and they are fantastic. With 6th Street Consulting, they have the technical understanding to help decide what will work, what needs to change, and how to deliver it.

Akiva Berman

Akiva Berman Senior Director of IT | Schweiger Dermatology Group

Hear What Else Schweiger Dermatology Has To Say:

What has been your Impression of the Customer Service at 6SC?

``The customer service is great, they have acclimated very well to our culture. Despite us being on the East Coast and them being on the West Coast we are able to communicate effectively and without issue. What I really like is having our regularly set cadence to discuss objectives, responsibilities, and timelines to ensure that progress is always being made.``

What has been your Impression of the Customer Service at 6SC?
What has been your Impression of the Technical Knowledge of 6SC?

What has been your Impression of the Technical Knowledge of 6SC?

``They are so good. I know Microsoft well, but I learn from them every time we talk. They explain everything well, and that’s really the most important part. I need to learn how the systems are going to operate and they do a great job covering everything. I especially like that they are out-of-the-box thinkers, especially with Microsoft Teams. I believe that anything is possible with enough work and ingenuity and they work to make it happen.``