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Client Spotlight: Quest Software

Quest Software

6SC Helps global software company gain more tech independence

Quest, an IT solutions company based out of New York and New Jersey, services more than 130,000 companies across the globe. As evident by its business description, the companies knows IT solutions in and out. But Quest was in need of streamlining. So they approached 6th Street Consulting with the exciting challenge of creating an innovative-yet-on-brand company intranet system.

One of our early sells to Quest was our approach of putting business before technology. Quest works with IT. We work with IT. So from the get-go, it was a solid partnership on the road to efficiency. The goal was to help Quest modernize the overall user experience.

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Quest wanted to more connectivity without reliance on their own IT team.

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6SC Action:

We worked right alongside Quest to identify issues with their current intranet model, and then we made moves to rectify those very pain points. The fix? Leveraging cloud technology and SharePoint Online in a way that tailored specifically to what Quest needed, which was an enhanced mobile/remote connectivity experience. With the cloud and SharePoint Online, 6SC was able to developed a centralized and easy-to-navigate intranet model. The centralization gave it the widespread digital access. The navigation simplicity help negate Quest’s IT involvement.

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Employees can now easily access and update content on their own – safely and quickly – without having to go through IT, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

"I know I can always count on 6SC"

6th Street Consulting has been a trusted partner of mine for many years across multiple companies. The 6SC team is very easy to work with, hard working and resourceful. They have excellent domain knowledge and expertise across the Microsoft platform; coupled with their business acumen and willingness to go the extra mile for their customers, I know I can always count on 6SC.

Henry Ong - Quest Software

Henry Ong IT Manager | Quest Software