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Building a Modern Enterprise Workplace with Microsoft Teams and Azure

Building a Modern Enterprise Workplace with Microsoft Teams and Azure

Building a Modern Enterprise Workplace with Microsoft Teams and Azure

In the age of distributed teams and online workspaces, Microsoft has a wide variety of tools that can help you build a modern enterprise workplace. These tools can help you and your team increase your productivity and improve collaboration.

Microsoft Teams and Azure are not new tools to enterprise organizations but their usefulness in today’s world where remote working is more and more common cannot be underestimated.

Cloud-based to work anywhere, anytime

All office workers know the value of Microsoft Office products for creating and sharing documents, presentations, datasets, and more. They know Microsoft is THE option when you need a secure computing environment that is still flexible and user-friendly.

But the casual user may not realize exactly how Microsoft is changing the way modern enterprise organizations are doing business.

Power users of Microsoft 365 know exactly how useful this software is for enabling collaboration no matter where team members are based. The powerful combination of Office 365 and Windows 10 means that enterprise organizations that use Microsoft 365 can enable worker productivity no matter where team members are based.

When you add Microsoft Teams to the equation, you are able to take your team’s productivity to new heights. With security features that enterprise organizations need along with the file sharing and collaboration tools they want; Microsoft Teams allows for real-time collaboration that you may have thought could only be achieved with in-person meetings.

Reach new heights with Azure

Sometimes, though, the robust suite of Microsoft products does not meet the specific, unique needs of your organization. That is where Microsoft Azure comes in.

Microsoft Azure is not a set piece of software. It is an ever-expanding set of cloud-based computing services available to anyone who wants to run an enterprise on the internet without having to install and manage hardware or server software.

Migrating your servers, apps, and databases to Azure means that you can save money by not having to have or maintain hardware to enable cloud-based computing in your enterprise. The virtual nature of Azure also means no unexpected downtime and it is easy to scale up or down as needed.

Azure is the platform that modern enterprise organizations need to enhance their work and truly embrace cloud-computing for their workforce.