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Become An Effective Microsoft Teams User

Become an Effective Microsoft Teams User

Become An Effective Microsoft Teams User

Every software has a learning curve. Sometimes, the better the software, the more there is to learn. Take the case of Microsoft Teams, a robust and integrated approach to virtual meetings.

Teams came after Slack, but it has a strong competitive edge via integration. This software allows for full integration of Microsoft Office. It also integrates with other apps, and new app capability is being added all the time.

People can easily receive notifications from Microsoft Teams even if it’s not their software of choice. This makes it a strong candidate for large and diverse virtual teams with many different personalities.

Microsoft Teams is a large program. It keeps all of the interfaces from Microsoft, including Office, in one spot. If you are ready to combat the piecemeal nature of working virtually, Microsoft Teams should be on your purchase list.

Master Notifications and the Activity Feed

The first thing you need to do is realize that people get tons of notifications every day. You’ll realize just how many you get once they’re all in one place. Don’t get overwhelmed!

Learn to use the notifications and the activity feed.

Set good boundaries with your notifications settings. Just like with any notification feed, you shouldn’t try to follow every last detail of your contacts’ behavior. Work with what you can work with.

Use the different notification settings, and turn off different teams you don’t need to hear from right then.

As with most Microsoft products, there is a lot of user-friendly capability with these features.

Learn Teams Commands

There is a good-sized list of commands that will make your day go faster. They are intuitive and easy to learn. Use them just like you would any shortcut command for programming or accessing a computer.

The commands are the fastest way to set your status (such as Do Not Disturb or Be Right Back) and call people.

Focus Mentions

Mentions are a great tool for communicating with lots of people. As with all interfaces, it takes some discipline not to overuse personal mentions and channels.

The mentions are intuitive. Use the @ sign followed by someone’s name to mention them directly.

Use tags to mention people in a group by their tag name. For example, if you are managing a team of writers, you can get everyone a notification by categorizing various names under the team “writers” and then using “@writers” to send them a notification.

Make Great Video Calls

Video calls are a whole different idea than in-person meetings. It’s too easy to have a clamoring meeting of voices. People have to practice good video etiquette, but what really helps is appointing a chairperson for the meeting.

The chairperson should give clear direction. They can utilize non-distracting background effects and direct people to use the mute button where appropriate.

It will take some practice to form strong teams that listen to each other on video calls. Start off on the right foot by clearly outlining rules for everyone. Appoint a chairperson right off the bat.

It is easy to share meetings with people who couldn’t attend on Stream.

All in One Spot

Microsoft Teams is the software for people who need to take control of their desktop. It does take a little bit to learn, but the truth is that you are probably spending that amount of energy jumping from app to app anyway.  Dive right in and experience the difference when you manage everything from one interface.