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10 Power Automate Templates to Boost Your Business Efficiency

10 Power Automate Templates to Boost Your Business Efficiency

10 Power Automate Templates to Boost Your Business Efficiency

Unlocking Business Potential with Ready-Made Automation 

In today’s competitive business landscape, efficiency is paramount. Microsoft Power Automate offers a variety of templates designed to streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and enhance overall productivity. Businesses can quickly implement automation solutions tailored to their needs by leveraging these templates. This article explores ten powerful Power Automate templates that can significantly boost business efficiency.

1. Automated Email Notifications for Form Responses

Power Automate templates for businesses often include solutions for automating email notifications. This template triggers an email alert whenever a new response is submitted in a Microsoft Form. 

  • Implementation: Connect your form to Power Automate and set up the email notification workflow. 
  • Business Problem Addressed: Ensures timely follow-up on customer feedback or internal surveys, improving response times and engagement. 

2. Save Email Attachments to OneDrive

Managing email attachments can be tedious. This template automatically saves attachments from specified emails to a designated OneDrive folder. 

  • Implementation: Configure the template with the relevant email criteria and OneDrive destination. 
  • Business Problem Addressed: Streamlines document management, ensuring important files are stored and organized efficiently. 

3.  Automated Approval Workflow

Boost business efficiency with Power Automate by automating approval processes. This template routes documents or requests to the appropriate approvers and notifies them via email. 

  • Implementation: Customize the workflow to include the necessary approvers and conditions. 
  • Business Problem Addressed: Reduces bottlenecks and speeds up decision-making, leading to quicker approvals and task completion. 

4.  Create Planner Tasks from Microsoft Teams Messages

This template helps turn Microsoft Teams messages into actionable tasks in Microsoft Planner, ensuring that essential discussions translate into trackable work items. 

  • Implementation: Set up the template to monitor specific Teams channels or messages and create corresponding Planner tasks. 
  • Business Problem Addressed: Enhances project management by ensuring no critical task is overlooked, improving team coordination. 

5.  Track Working Hours in Excel

Keeping track of working hours can be simplified with this template, which automatically logs employee hours into an Excel spreadsheet. 

  • Implementation: Configure the template to capture clock-in and clock-out times and update the Excel file accordingly. 
  • Business Problem Addressed: Provides an accurate and automated method for tracking work hours, reducing manual entry errors. 

6.  Sync Files from OneDrive to SharePoint

This template syncs files between OneDrive and SharePoint for businesses that use both platforms, ensuring consistency and accessibility. 

  • Implementation: Set the template to monitor specific OneDrive folders and replicate changes to SharePoint. 
  • Business Problem Addressed: Maintains up-to-date file versions across platforms, facilitating collaboration and file sharing. 

7.  Notify a Team When a SharePoint File is Modified

This template sends notifications to a Microsoft Teams channel when a file in SharePoint is modified, keeping the team informed of changes. 

  • Implementation: Connect the relevant SharePoint site to the Teams channel via Power Automate. 
  • Business Problem Addressed: Enhances communication and keeps teams updated on document revisions, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

8.  Post to Yammer When a New SharePoint Item is Created

Increase engagement by posting updates to Yammer whenever a new item is added to a SharePoint list. 

  • Implementation: Link your SharePoint list to a Yammer group using the template. 
  • Business Problem Addressed: Promotes transparency and informs employees about new developments or additions. 

9. Copy Files from OneDrive for Business to Google Drive

For organizations using multiple cloud storage solutions, this template automatically copies files from OneDrive for Business to Google Drive. 

  • Implementation: Set up the workflow to copy files from designated OneDrive folders to Google Drive. 
  • Business Problem Addressed: Facilitates seamless file sharing and access across different cloud platforms, enhancing workflow flexibility. 

10. Create Trello Cards from Outlook Emails

This template converts emails in Outlook into Trello cards, helping manage tasks and projects effectively by integrating communication with project management. 

  • Implementation: Configure the template to create Trello cards based on specific email triggers or criteria. 
  • Business Problem Addressed: Ensures that important tasks are captured and tracked in Trello, reducing the risk of missed actions from email communications. 


Incorporating these Power Automate workflow examples into your business operations can significantly enhance efficiency, reduce manual workload, and streamline processes. Power Automate’s templates provide a robust starting point for automation, allowing businesses to quickly adapt and optimize their workflows. Contact 6th Street Consulting today to learn how we can help you implement these templates and further boost your business efficiency. Our expertise in Power Automate can help you customize and integrate solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring maximum impact and productivity.